At OHBurg, we provide a wide range of electrical services for many types of businesses. From basic electrical build outs to cutting edge smart building solutions, you can rely on our insured, licensed and bonded electricians. Take a look at some of our services, and click on the button to request a consultation.


Prevent avoidable incidents like fire triggered by issues like system overloading, faulty components or loose connection with our infrared testing services.

Exterior Lighting

Well designed exterior lighting can improve safety and security of your commercial space while cutting down on energy costs. Contact us and find out how we can light up your space while staying on brand.

Critical Services

Keeping critical services like refrigerators, elevators, security alarms etc running even after public grid disruption is essential for business continuity and security. Our experience working with critical infrastructure will help you plan for any contingency.

Emergency Backup power

We can design and integrate backup power systems like inverters or gensets with your primary circuit, so that your operations can keep on running even in the middle of a blackout, natural disaster or grid failure.

Interior Lighting

From functional to breathtaking, we provide full service interior lighting solutions for your business establishment. Whether you have a warehouse or a showroom, our interior lighting solution will meet your every needs.

Low voltage & Data

Installation of low voltage services like CCTV, commercial security systems and fire alarms, public service systems, computer network cabling etc require specialized skills that our electricians can provide. Hit the button and contact us for your requirements.

Energy Services

Hooking up your business to solar or non renewable energy can be a smart move that offers significant cost savings for some users. Contact us for an in-depth estimate of the savings that you might make, as well as the buildout.

Electrical services

Our electrical services, which encompass all phases from design to maintenance and support, are perfect for businesses of all kinds. Contact us for a free and detailed estimate of your requirements.

At OHBurg, we only use genuine equipment and spare parts and carry out all changes in accordance with local, state or federal building safety codes.

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