OH Burg has been working with businesses for over 80 years to build, design, support, and maintain electrical systems for clients across multiple industries. Along the way, we have developed expertise in customizing solutions for specific industries, while also incorporating and expanding our services in newer domains like electric vehicles, smart homes, and IoT. If you are looking for licensed, bonded, and insured electrical contractors in the New England area in any one of the following industries, look no further.


From innovative use of lighting solutions to robust backup and maintenance services etc, we help you create memorable customer experiences in your retail spaces.


From lighting to HVAC and backup power to refrigeration, get comprehensive electrical services for your supermarket location at cost effective rates.


Get standards compliant electrical infrastructure, including signage, lighting and refrigeration for your hospital or retail pharmacy locations.

EV (Electrical charging Vehicles)

Jump in on the burgeoning electric vehicles segment and grow a new revenue stream by offering electric vehicle charging stations to your customers.

Smart Buildings

Slash energy costs and meet energy efficiency compliance requirements by incorporating building automation solutions in your establishment.


Make your factories, warehouses and other industrial locations more efficient while streamlining your operations with industry standard IoT (Internet of Things) solutions.

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