Lighting Services

Route Scheduled Services

lightingRegular scheduled maintenance is necessary for lighting systems to work at peak performance. Our customers who opt for route scheduled service receive thorough routine inspections of interior and exterior lighting, emergency/exit lighting and signage.  If necessary, repairs are completed on site by one of our licensed electricians.

Exterior Lighting / Signage – Bucket Truck Service

We specialize in exterior lighting design, installation and maintenance.  Whether your property has parking lot lights, canopy lights, wall packs, security lights, pylon or signage lighting, O.H. Burg will perform visual inspections and complete removal and restoration of your system.

Wherever your business is we can help with:

  • Underground wiring tracing
  • Full Switchgear / automation control
  • Utility Coordination / Service Upgrades Transformer Installation
  • New Equipment Installations
  • Complete Electrical Build-Outs
  • Power Circuit Faults
  • Control Equipment Malfunctions
  • Main Feeder Power
  • Utility Coordination

Florescent lamps contain mercury and need to be disposed of properly.  Upon completion of service, O.H. Burg employees will safely remove all inoperative fluorescent lights that contain mercury and dispose properly offsite.

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